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Constant Contents

The exchange of text for a given purpose is a precious commodity on the internet today. Most of the businesses that need it in order to share information, market what they sell, or to drive traffic don’t have the time or desire to write it. Therefore, they hire freelancers that work from home to create it for them. That is where Constant Contents comes into the picture. It is a 3rd party that serves as a bridge between those that need content and those that write it.

It is one of the better freelance sites to work through due to the way in which they treat everyone. They have excellent customer support, and that helps to reduce miscommunication issues. With a neutral 3rd party, there are no chances that you won’t get paid for the work you do when you are a freelancer. On the opposite side of that equation, those that need content won’t pay for something that they never get or that isn’t good quality.

For a business owner, it may not make sense for you to hire someone to come to the office and write for you now and then. Maybe you need some new sales copy for a promotion you will do next weekend. Perhaps you want to optimize your website so you can move up the position of your business in the search engines. You can hire someone at Constant Content to do the work as needed. You don’t have to provide office space for them or offer any benefits. As a result, you can pay them a flat rate for the work.

From the content writer point of view, this set up is perfect. They can work from home or a remote location. As long as they have an internet connection and a computer they can do the work and then email it when completed. There are people that work full time at this and love the flexibility and being at home.

Others work part time to help pay the bills. Moms love it because they can be home with their kids rather than paying for daycare. There are students and retirees that work from home writing content. The amount of money you earn depends on how much work you complete. You also get to pick the jobs you want and you can ignore those that don’t appeal to you. This helps to motivate writers as you will always be interested in what you plan to work on.

The moderators of the website do hold writers to very strict guidelines. You have to be a quality writer and you need to continually meet your deadlines. While Constant Content isn’t perfect, it does offer plenty of overall value. Not only to those that write content but those that need it.

The pricing is fair and the turnaround time can be very fast. The business does continue to implement better practices as problems are brought to their attention. They also continue to implement new software and technology when offered to make the user experience on all ends easier.