Baltimore Tax Attorneys to Help with a Criminal Tax Defense

If you have been charged criminally with a tax fraud or tax evasion situation, you can be facing up to 5 years in Federal prison! It may seem harsh and it may seem unfair that you can go to prison for something that isn’t violent. Yet the laws are cracking down on those that aren’t being honest on their tax returns. The jail time is in addition to fines, penalties, and fees, so this can hang over your head for a very long time.
Thankfully, there are Baltimore tax attorneys out there that can help you with creating a defense. They can look at your case and try to find loopholes or inconsistencies in the laws that the IRS criminal case is based upon. This may be able to be enough to get your case completely dismissed through the courts.
If not, the Baltimore tax attorney may be able to get you a deal that keeps you out of jail. No one wants to spend 5 years in jail for tax crimes! The IRS generally wants to send a clear message that they aren’t allowing people to get by with these types of crimes though. Still, in the end, they want their money. If your attorney can give them what they want so that they will accept the funds and drop the criminal case, it is going to be in your best interest.
A criminal case can result in a deferred jail sentence, but you could lose your job due to a felony conviction. This can also include losing a professional license. It is worth the time and the cost to hire a Baltimore tax attorney to fight on your behalf to ensure that this won’t happen. You don’t want to lose your right to vote either. It can be very hard for you to find future employment too with this type of act on your record.
Then how are you going to pay the IRS the fines that you have? If you don’t have funds saved up, you may never be able to get a job that pays enough for your basic expenses and what you owe to the IRS. That is going to put you into a very desperate situation that you don’t want to face day after day.
A tax attorney can jump in and help to negotiate what is taking place. They can tell you the possible options too once they look at your case. They may need to talk to the IRS first before they can offer you options. However, you will have a say in what the defense is going to be and if it is settled out of court or not.
Tax attorneys can help you with a criminal tax defense. You shouldn’t talk with the IRS directly about such charges without representation in place. A regular attorney generally doesn’t have the knowledge in depth when it comes to tax laws. Your freedom is too important to trust to just anyone. You need to put it into the hands of a well trusted and well qualified with Baltimore tax attorneys that can help you get results that work in your favor.