Brands of Rethink HGH Commonly used

There are several different brands of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that can be used. Your doctor may feel a certain brand of it is better for your particular needs. Some of them promote a given brand due to the pharmaceutical company they do business with. If you would prefer a different product, make sure you let them know.

Syntropin is the most common type of HGH which is synthetically made. It was first introduced in 1985 and continues to be found all over today. The process for creating it is complex and done in a setting that allows the proteins for the cells to be purified. The best technology is behind this type of Rethink HGH. They continue to improve it as new technology is available.

The biggest downfall to Syntropin though is it is a very expensive form of HGH. Some people assume in order to really gain the benefits from such a product; they need to pay for the most expensive one. Yet there are other very similar products on the market that offer value and cost far less. Syntropin is often used for those with serious health problems including cancer they need help fighting.

In 1986, Somatropin 191AA was introduced. By the following year, the Rethink HGH had been changed in terms of formula and the name was changed to Humatrope. It is often used to help boost the immune system for those recovering from cancer or those with HIV. It helps to slow down the rapid weight loss due to various health problems.

Genotropin is also a type of HGH and it is often used for children who have growth issues. It was introduced in 1996. The supplement can help their bodies to grow when otherwise they would have been very short stature. It has also been successful with helping adults of short stature to be able to grow in inches even after their regular growth period has passed from Rethink HGH.

Norditropin was introduced as a form of Rethink HGH in 1997. It is also often used to help children or adults with growth issues. Some would argue about which of these two works the best. For many patients, they have to start out on one of them and see how it works out from there. If there aren’t any positive results after a period of time, the doctor may make the decision to change them to the other one.

Nutropin was also introduced in 1997. It also offers help for those with shorter stature. It isn’t as widely used as the first two options, but it does seem to offer benefits. The fact that it was introduced after the others can be part of why it isn’t as well known.

There are more brands of HGH created in other countries too, check out Rethink HGH for more information. The wrong product and the wrong dose aren’t good for your body. This supplement can only help when it is used correctly.