Easy Ways to Reduce the use of Sunbury Heating Oil

There are some very easy ways to reduce your Sunbury heating oil consumption and to save you money. When you cut back on what you consume, you also help to provide benefits for the environment from heating oil. You may be so used to your heating oil use that you aren’t even aware of the ways it is being wasted in Sunbury. The first step is to complete an overall assessment. It is best to have this done by a Sunbury heating oil. They can help you to determine what needs to be tuned and changed in order to make your heating system more efficient.
Turn down the thermostat to reduce your Sunbury heating oil consumption. Wear long sleeves and put on socks or slippers. This will prevent you from getting chilly as heat usually escapes from the feet and the head. Open the curtains during the day and allow the natural sunlight to help heat your home. Even on chilly days, the rays from the sun will make a difference in Sunbury.
Turn down the thermostat even more when you are away from home. Keep in on so you don’t come home to frozen water pipes. However, you don’t need it to produce a great deal of heat. Turn it down at bed time too and just add an extra blanket to keep you comfortable. These simple changes will save you about 2% or more on your monthly heating use and Sunbury heating oil consumption.
Your pipes should be wrapped and insulated to help them avoid losing heat. This will also offer you and additional layer of protection against the pipes freezing from heating oil. Make sure you aren’t losing heat due to gaps around your doors or windows. You may need to add some weather stripping and caulking to make them more secure.
Close vents and doors for rooms in your home you don’t use very often. For example, your spare bedroom. You are wasting Sunbury heating oil to offer heat to that room when no one goes into it. When you need to use it, simply re-open the vents. Keep the door to that room closed when they vents are closed so you don’t allow colder air back into your home.
If your heating system is more than 20 years old, it is time to replace it. You can upgrade with an energy efficient model that will use less Sunbury heating oil to offer the same level of heat. These products also have a very good warranty so you don’t have to worry about repairs or anything like that coming out of your own pocket for a very long time.
When you evaluate your home and you make these changes, you are going to notice your Sunbury heating oil use drops by 10% or so. It will vary based on your habits, your typical consumption, the size of your house, and even the temperatures in any given month. However, the savings will occur every single month so they are a wise investment of the time and money it takes to get those results.