Philadelphia Psychics and Fraud

Philadelphia Psychics and Fraud
One of the reasons that some people doubt that Philadelphia psychics is that there have been cases of fraud. A person that is paying for information doesn’t want to be told lies and made up information. One of the biggest cases out there came to light in 2011. It was all over the news and social media, involving Sylvia Mitchell. She was sentenced in 2013 to up to 15 years in prison and no less than 5 years for grand larceny.
The reason that she can get this lengthy sentence is that the judge felt she intentionally targeted customers that were vulnerable. The jury found her guilty but the judge wanted to send a clear message with that sentence. In the court case, two women testified that they paid Mitchell over $138,000. The women said that they felt the psychic was personally connecting with them and helping them.
There are books out there written by detectives and other professionals that explore how they have taken down various Philadelphia psychics that were making huge amounts of money from unsuspecting people. So how do you know the difference? It is in the way that they provide services. They continue to tell them that they need to be paid more to get additional information.
It is also in the way that they tell them they can focus all of their psychic abilities on only them, but then they lose money from other customers. These vulnerable customers have money but they need help. They want someone to help them get through a difficult time in their life. What they really need is a therapist, not a psychic.
There are also books out there from people who state they claimed to be a psychic but they were nothing but a fraud. Some of them got caught in the act, and that was enough to get them to change their ways. Philly Psychic group are a great option for clarity. Others finally understood how much merit that customers put into what was said, and developed a guilty conscious.
Many of the scams that get money have to do with generalized statements. They will toss out something about lost love, about back luck, etc. They may make the person think they have been cursed. Of course, they can remove the curse but it will take time and it will take a considerable amount of money. All of this draws the customer into the fraud and they are deeply invested. Both emotionally and financially.
An undercover investigation by ABC News in 2013 and 2014 shows that people from all walks of life can be scammed by Philadelphia psychics and lose a ton of money. They also worked hard to recover more than $2 million of such funds.
When it comes to psychics in Philadelphia and fraud, it is like any other type of business. You have a few rotten apples that are going to spoil it for the rest of the people. That is why a psychic has to prove their credibility. That is also why paying customers need to be careful about who they trust and how much they open up their wallet for such services.