Why is Dallas PA Sealcoating a Good Idea

Asphalt services see their fair share of people and vehicles on them. This can take a toll as can the natural elements. Keeping blacktop looking great and feeling smooth doesn’t happen by chance. It involves regular inspections and routine maintenance. Dallas PA sealcoating is a process that allows it to last for many additional years. This cuts down on overall costs for the surface and keeps the roads safe in Dallas PA. It also offers a very nice appearance for driveways and parking lots all of us can appreciate.

It can be very costly to completely redo an asphalt surface, but sooner or later the life of it will wear out. Studies indicate adding sealcoating can extend that natural lifespan. This is accomplished by offering a barrier that protects the blacktop under it from the elements including the weather and salt from winter weather snow plows in Dallas PA. It also reduces damages from various types of chemicals.

The life cycle cost analysis is used to determine the savings of both time and money when asphalt has Dallas PA sealcoating on it. Such information helps to justify this additional step in the process. It shows the estimated life addition for the blacktop and how much money that saves by not redoing all of those materials. There will still be maintenance costs though as well as the need for some segments of the asphalt to be re-surfaced. This tool can help a business to make the decision based on economic value.

There is a huge difference in the lifespan to think about. On average, asphalt without sealcoating and maintenance will last about 8 years. For a driveway at the typical home it will last about 15 years. The lifespan can be twice as long with Dallas PA sealcoating added every 3 years. That timeframe though various based on the volume of traffic and people on that surface. Some locations may need Dallas PA sealcoating every year and others may be able to stretch it out to every 5 years.

Taking your chances without sealcoating means you will continually be paying for repairs, and they add up quickly. Hairline cracks may show up within the very first year of new tar being placed at a given location. Within 3 years, there can be very large cracks and uneven areas in the surface. As water and chemicals get into those cracks, the problems will just continue to get worse and worse until you soon have to redo all of it with new asphalt in Dallas PA.

While it does cost more to add the sealcoating to start with, it is a wise investment. It will reduce overall costs in the long run. When you break those costs down over the number of years they last, it can be less than ½ of the annual cost per year of tar without the Dallas PA sealcoating. Those numbers speak for themselves and they give plenty of incentive for taking such actions from the start. If you don’t have it in place, get the repairs done and top it off with the Dallas PA sealcoating this time around.